Afro Tribal House 7 download mp3

Afro Tribal House 7 by Various Artists

16 / 100
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Genres: Dance, Music
  • Release date: 2020-02-28
  • Tracks: 17
  • Duration: 52:46


PlayFunky Feelings (Afro Mix) by Christos Fourkis (06:18)

PlayYou Are the One (Jack n Brothas Remix) by Inaky Garcia & Raul Soto (06:49)

PlayRescue Me (Nikos Diamantopoulos Remix) by TeeJay Walton & Gina Glover (06:47)

PlayAje-Ajo (Plastik Guys Remix) by Walterino & Plastik Guys (05:34)

PlayI Will Survive (Instrumental Dub) by Stacy Kidd (09:46)

PlayBlue Night in Africa (Fam Disco Remix) by Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi (07:54)

PlayAugust 14 (Julian MC Cain Remix) by Walterino (08:37)

PlaySummer Days (Cee Elassaad Voodoo Remix) by Chris Gekä, Pryce Oliver, D.F.K. & Tekka (05:27)

PlayMega Drums by Kemal (06:06)

PlayPut Your Wings Together (Original Wings Mix) by Selva Basaran (05:46)

PlayI’m Over It (feat. Dawn Tallman) (Kemal’s Beats) by Misteralf (04:07)

PlayGive You (feat. Crystal Re-Clear) (James Deron Soulvibe Remix) by Djaimin (06:19)

PlayDreamseller by Kemal (06:40)

PlayChanges by Tatsu & Angel Mora (04:56)

PlayBorderline (James Deron Pump Mix) by Jonathan Meyer (06:09)

PlayNargile by Selva Basaran (05:10)

PlayEthnic Sound of Istanbul (Jamie Lewis Ottomans Groove Mix) by 34 (10:14)


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