Asot 1042 - A State of Trance Episode 1042 (DJ Mix) download mp3

Asot 1042 – A State of Trance Episode 1042 (DJ Mix) by Armin van Buuren

6 / 100
  • Artist: Armin van Buuren
  • Genres: Trance, Music, Dance
  • Release date: 2021-11-11
  • Tracks: 31
  • Duration: 56:21


PlayA State of Trance (Intro) (Mixed) by Armin van Buuren (01:41)

PlayManoeuvres (Mixed) by Purple Haze (04:00)

PlayNothing I Won’t Do (Mixed) by DRYM & Susie Ledge (03:19)

PlayEarthshine (The Khult Mix) (Mixed) by KhoMha (02:10)

PlayPiece of Art (Mixed) by Kryder (03:47)

PlayFall into You (Mixed) by Omnia (02:22)

PlayThe Wind in Your Face (Mixed) by Giuseppe Ottaviani (02:48)

PlayFuria (Mixed) by Pulse & Sphere (05:55)

PlayAir (Mixed) by Rub!k (02:39)

PlayWouldn’t Be Mine (Mixed) by Eximinds, Norni & Michele C. (03:29)

PlayColour (feat. That Girl) (Mixed) by Maarten de Jong (04:04)

PlayTime Wait for Us (Mixed) by Temple One & Shannon Hurley (03:45)

PlayAurora (Mixed) by Ashley Wallbridge (02:12)

PlayGdl (Yoshi & Razner Remix) (Mixed) by Allen Watts (05:52)

PlayI Matter to You (Mixed) by Richard Durand & Susana (02:56)

PlayWe Come 1 (Mixed) by Ben Nicky & Distorted Dreams (02:23)

PlayRise as One (Altitude Anthem) (Mixed) by MaRLo (02:23)

PlayUnder My Skin (feat. Jennifer Rene) (Mixed) by Shogun (04:13)

PlayHeartfelt (Mixed) by Christopher Corrigan (03:32)

PlayGolden Hour (Mixed) by Simon Patterson & Will Atkinson (05:48)

PlayBriseis (Mixed) by Ralphie B (04:50)

PlayBrisa (Intro Mix) (Mixed) by Paul Denton (05:09)

PlayRise up (Fsoe 700 Anthem) (Mixed) by Paul Denton (05:39)

PlayWatching the Waves (Mixed) by Paul Denton (03:56)

PlayShadow (Paul Denton Remix) (Mixed) by Aly & Fila, Scott Bond & Charlie Walker (04:41)

PlayStomp (Mixed) by Paul Denton (05:36)

PlaySea of Thoughts (Mixed) by Factor B (05:02)

PlayEuphoric (Mixed) by BarWall (04:10)

PlayLights (Mixed) by André Visior (03:54)

PlayColder (Steve Dekay Remix) (Mixed) by MaRLo & Monika Santucci (03:19)

PlayA State of Trance (Outro) (Mixed) by Armin van Buuren (00:34)


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