Duploc 2021 Collection download mp3

Duploc 2021 Collection by Various Artists

  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Genres: Dance, Music
  • Release date: 2021-12-17
  • Tracks: 40
  • Duration: 49:19


PlaySacrifices by Distance (04:42)

PlayOvercome by Distance (04:30)

Play808 Snake by Distance (04:28)

PlayKuji by Mungk (03:15)

PlayRajasthan by Mungk (03:05)

PlayPuli Kali by Mungk (03:15)

PlayMacaque by Mungk (03:15)

PlayOne Time by Juss B (05:15)

PlaySandman (Ourman Remix) by Juss B & Ourman (04:10)

PlayBurn This by Juss B (03:32)

PlayMake It Rain by Juss B (03:53)

PlayThe Engineers by Ternion Sound & ENiGMA Dubz (04:09)

PlayMediator by Ternion Sound & Opus (03:16)

PlayCatacombs by Ternion Sound & LOST (03:47)

PlayHeart Machine by Ternion Sound & Smith. (04:22)

PlayUp Town Dub by Hebbe (04:01)

PlayRsnt by Hebbe (03:46)

PlayUp Town Dub (J: Kenzo Remix) by Hebbe (04:44)

PlayLoud (feat. Griz-O) by Oddkut (03:17)

PlayDeposition by Oddkut (04:44)

PlayHiding Rage by Oddkut (03:46)

PlayGhoul by Ninety (06:00)

PlaySkull Thoughts by Ninety (06:10)

PlayThat’s It by Ninety (05:01)

PlayGolden Teeth Smile by Ninety (05:08)

PlayThe Motive by Tappa (03:30)

PlayTension by Tappa (04:21)

Play666 by Tappa (03:36)

PlayNo Heart by Tappa (02:51)

PlayHit Em Like by Dalek One (04:20)

PlayGo on Soundboy by Dalek One (04:34)

PlayWut by Dalek One (05:16)

PlayCall of Alou by Dalek One (04:13)

PlayClusterfuck by Dalek One (03:50)

PlayWayside (Enigma Dubz Remix) by Hebbe, Melle, Mr.K & ENiGMA Dubz (05:03)

PlayThe Eyes (Ternion Sound Remix) by ENiGMA Dubz & Ternion Sound (04:44)

Play40 Fathoms by ENiGMA Dubz (04:10)

PlayEarth Giants by ENiGMA Dubz (04:39)

PlaySilverback by ENiGMA Dubz (04:25)

PlayToo Close to the Sun by ENiGMA Dubz (04:00)

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