Psych Mix, Pt. 1 (DJ Mix) download mp3

Psych Mix, Pt. 1 (DJ Mix) by The Gaslamp Killer

10 / 100
  • Artist: The Gaslamp Killer
  • Genres: IDM/Experimental, Music, Electronic
  • Release date: 2021-08-27
  • Tracks: 22
  • Duration: 00:00


PlayID1 / ID2 / ID3 (from Psych Mix, Pt. 1) (Mixed) by ID (02:21)

PlayRaul Dies (Mixed) by Mayan Ghost Choir (01:37)

PlayID4 (from Psych Mix, Pt. 1) (Mixed) by ID (00:58)

PlayOrigin of Man (Mixed) by The Budos Band (04:45)

PlayQu’ils Se Fassent Un Village, Ou Bien c’est Nous Qui S’en Allons (Mixed) by Jacques Thollot (02:13)

PlaySpread Silk On My Heart (Mixed) by Sanullim (03:54)

PlayEbony Glass (Mixed) by Nancy Priddy (02:21)

PlayID5 (from Psych Mix, Pt. 1) (Mixed) by ID (02:29)

PlayNothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control (Mixed) by Tame Impala (04:05)

PlayThe Angry Desert (Mixed) by The Sound Offs (02:12)

PlayID6 (from Psych Mix, Pt. 1) (Mixed) by ID (03:22)

PlayMy Shade (Mixed) by The Pawnshop (02:58)

PlayKriminal Theme (Mixed) by Les Maledictus Sound (01:36)

PlayUndeniable (Mixed) by Mild High Club (01:53)

PlayI’m So Green (Mixed) by Can (03:04)

PlayNothing Left To Do (Mixed) by After All (02:06)

PlayGiallo (Suspense, Measured, Lurking) (Mixed) by Doctor Zygote (02:52)

PlayFluid (Mixed) by Twink (03:56)

PlayThe Ninja (Mixed) by W. Michael Lewis, Mark Lindsay & Wonderland Philharmonic (01:21)

PlaySatori Part III (Mixed) by Flower Travellin’ Band (05:02)

PlayPlastic Fantasy (Mixed) by Flied Egg (03:33)

PlayThe Lost Mother Land (Part 1) (Mixed) by Apryl Fool (01:09)


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