Tribal Nation, Vol. 4 (The Sound of Tribal House) download mp3

Tribal Nation, Vol. 4 (The Sound of Tribal House) by Various Artists

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  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Genres: House, Music, Dance
  • Release date: 2015-05-01
  • Tracks: 30
  • Duration: 43:29


PlayBody Smack (Tribalism Mix) by Videomusicshop (04:26)

PlayThe Yellow Peril (Congatronic Mix) by Cadillac & Jeff Koga (05:43)

PlayThe Tribal Jawels (Percussive Mix) by Bingo Kongo (05:40)

PlayThe Dispatch Bearer (The Tribal Beach Mix) by Miami Groove Ensemble (05:42)

PlayConga Deep (Fashion Congatribal Mix) by Tony Terry (05:40)

PlayDo You Wanna (Percussive Mix) by L D V Project (03:51)

PlayThe Thread of Destiny (Tribal Mix) by Congotron (05:41)

PlayA Deep Collisions (Ultratribal Mix) by Frank Fuldon (05:41)

PlayBeep Deep (Bongo Mix) by Mallo House (05:21)

PlayRex (Tribal Solution Mix) by The King (03:11)

PlayCharity Ball (Tribatronic Mix) by Carl de Baar (05:46)

PlayMirage (Tribe Flute Mix) by Desert Groove (07:33)

PlayAn Awful Moment (Tribalhouse Mix) by Triba Kong (05:40)

PlayAlarm Stop (House Tribe Mix) by High Standard (05:50)

PlayEntry of Team (Black Conga Mix) by Congaboy (05:45)

PlayDeep West (Houzee Konga Mix) by Rithmomatik (05:40)

PlayJungle (Tribalistic Deep Mix) by Francoise Lacong (05:40)

PlayOld Lond Street (Wonder Conga Mix) by George 8 (05:40)

PlayA Child’s Impulse (Tribal Impulse Mix) by Kongotron (05:43)

PlayChange Before (Tribal House Mix) by Alex Latino & DJ Kama (03:11)

PlayHappy Thoughts (Percussive Mix) by Tribal Rhythms (05:40)

PlayA Slippery Job (Tribalistic Mix) by Ramon Dannon (05:42)

PlayThe Old Maid (Tribaphonic Mix) by Red Zone (05:43)

PlayExit House (Open House Tribal Mix) by Kong King (06:17)

PlayLes Tribulations (Tribal Mix) by BK & U (05:40)

PlayIncubated Baby (Emerald Tribal Mix) by House Elementz (05:40)

PlayHoudini Stunt (Percussion House Mix) by Tribalhouse (05:41)

PlayDeep Secret of Mine (Tribality Mix) by Tribal 04 (05:42)

PlayThe Angel in the Studio (Percussive Onda Mix) by Tribeca Motel (05:42)

PlayYes We Can (Master of Groove Mix) by Devit & Joseph B (04:05)


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