Tribal Selection, Vol. 5 (The Real Sound of Tribal House) download mp3

Tribal Selection, Vol. 5 (The Real Sound of Tribal House) by Various Artists

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  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Genres: Electronic, Music
  • Release date: 2015-05-01
  • Tracks: 60
  • Duration: 34:25


PlayIconoclast (Kongagroove Electro Mix) by Night Circle (05:32)

PlayLas Palmas (El Greko Tribal Mix) by Traxtors (05:38)

PlayToo Young 4 This (All Tribe Mix) by Johnny Braziu (05:36)

PlayPerqssion (Tribal Nation Mix) by Karosene (05:05)

PlayFreak Out (Disko Tondo Mix) by Afroboy (05:36)

PlayFreezing Mixture (Electro Tribal Mix) by Paul Kay (05:36)

PlayCrayon (Jeff Kanna Tribal Mix) by Frank Brent (05:38)

PlayTwelfth Night (Fast Night Tribal Mix) by El Greko (05:35)

PlayThou Shalt Not (Xstacy Tribe Mix) by Martin Zeeio (05:35)

PlayWorld Airship (Minimal Electro Tribal Mix) by Electro Mind (05:38)

PlaySights and Scenes (Frank Matera Tribalektro Mix) by Red Signal (05:33)

PlayWhen You Play the G (Supatribal Mix) by Tribaphonique (05:34)

PlayReady (Really Tribal Mix) by The Black Fish (05:06)

PlayFat Boy Comedian (Tribalogic Mix) by Fanthomas (05:36)

PlayF**k With That (Da Rhythm Mix) by Techno Tribal (05:49)

PlayThe Bee Hunter (Mdon Elektro Konga Mix) by Electro Elements (05:36)

PlayDjambaland (The Zulu Tribe Electro Mix) by Adam 1st (05:58)

PlayAlarmized (Electro DJ Mix) by Red Groove (05:38)

PlayPolice of the Future (Elektro Tribe Mix) by The Captain (05:38)

PlayNo Words (Electrotraxx Mix) by Astromann (05:36)

PlayThe Man to Beat (Man & Drake Mix) by Mdonn (05:42)

PlayA Summer Idyl (Synthetic Mix) by Makina Tribal (05:31)

PlayA-Note (Megadrum Electro Mix) by Nocturnia (04:59)

PlayTrouble Maker (Funk House Mix) by On Noyse (05:36)

PlayToo Afro (Percussive Rhythms Mix) by Afrotonik (05:31)

PlayDance Without You (Simon F Tribatronik Mix) (feat. Larry Morrell) by Laser (05:34)

PlayJump Off (Vincent Groove Mix) by Club 1 (05:36)

PlayBad Groove (Tribaloid Mix) by Kontè (05:31)

PlayAll the Hits (Tribal One Mix) by Gigi Sandren (05:34)

PlayBlack (Tribaloid Mix) by Supatribal (05:34)

PlayModern Faith (Sueño Tribal Mix) by Fast Tee (05:37)

PlaySinner (Tribal Club Mix) by Frank Kay (05:29)

PlayFlip (Electro Drums Mix) by Flip (05:21)

PlayMy Angel’s Eyes (Kastigo Tribale Mix) by Kevin Sanders (05:39)

PlayJungle River (Jeff Rivera Tribal Mix) by Monkey Man (05:42)

PlayNothing to Lose (Starliner Mix) by Electrotraxx (05:58)

PlayBy the Way (Tribal Rhythms Mix) by Anthony Wilwood (05:36)

PlayBreathe (Supatriba Mix) by Radiotraxx (05:29)

PlayLa Musicomanie (Sound Tribal Mix) by Jeff Matera (05:38)

PlayThunder Jungle (Electro Tribal Mix) by Cyber Traxx (05:38)

PlayRefresh (Free Tribe Mix) by Tony Acieed (05:34)

PlayA Mohawk’s Way (Plastik Tribal Mix) by Rhythmix (05:32)

PlayMonkey Brass (Saxa Mix) by Sexo Tribe (05:31)

PlayMy Friends (Drumulation Mix) by Hiro Hoyo (05:36)

PlayPut Your Hands Up (Jumping Mix) by Siren (05:32)

PlayApache (Red Alarm Mix) by Danny Roggero (05:45)

PlayCan’t Stop That (Kangaroo Mix) by Ram 2 (05:30)

PlaySetting Back the Hands of Time (Makina Tribale Mix) (feat. Katarina) by Electro Man (05:33)

PlayDrummer Trainer (Percussive Mix) by Drumman (05:34)

PlayA Decree of Destiny (Cut & Master Mix) by King da Loop (05:33)

PlayOkey Donkey (Rolling Bass Mix) by Tribal House (05:31)

PlayShot (Tribal Beatz Mix) by Anthony Shumacher (05:30)

PlayIn the Jungle (Plastic Tribal Mix) by Tribal Action (05:34)

PlayChicken Deluxe (Tribal Republic Mix) by Free Tribe (05:04)

PlayNo More Drama (Tribal Mix) by Electro Medusa (05:36)

PlayRegrets (Night Electro Tribal Mix) by Express (05:36)

PlayEasy & Simple (Tribal Electro Mix) by Katzo (06:01)

PlayThe Two Paths (Moon Silver Elektro Mix) (feat. Jungla) by Negrosuite (05:30)

PlayHug Me (Electro Tribal Mix) by The Duke (05:38)

Play3Am (Amnesia Tribal Mix) by Tony Cox (05:30)


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